Young People’s Concerts

The Young People’s Concerts presented annually by the Austin Symphony Orchestra reach more than 30,000 Central Texas fourth, fifth and sixth graders. These concerts are among the most innovative programs around for introducing young people to classical music. Through the use of modern technology the audience gets an “up-close look” at the orchestra. Four video cameras zoom in on the Maestro and the musicians as they are playing…images are projected on a giant screen behind the orchestra and VOILA… the audience can see what they hear and hear what you see! See it all in “Symph-O-Vision.”

“I have seen many, many, many symphony programs for public education, but they have NEVER been like this one. This is by far the best, most thought-out instructional program. What else would Austin produce but the best?” – Dr. Meria Carstarphen, ex-AISD Superintindent

2018 YPC Schedule for AISD Personnel and ASO Affiliates.

Special thank you to our wonderful volunteers, the Women’s Symphony League of Austin and the Youth Leadership Council.


The James C. Armstrong Youth Education Endowment ED & Joe Hill
The Kahle Foundation Kenneth & Beverly Wickham