1. In the German musical system, B natural, or the key of B natural.
  2. “Hoboken”, the cataloguer of Haydn’s works; H numbers are used instead of opus numbers for the works of Haydn.

half cadence

A cadence that ends on the dominant instead of the tonic. Also called an imperfect cadence.

half step

The smallest interval that is commonly used in Western music. There are 12 half-steps in an octave.

harmonic progression

The movement from one chord to another, usually in terms of their function.

harmonic series

A series of notes produced above a fundamental (the series includes the fundamental) and sounded in a definite order.


  1. The study of the structure, progression and relationships of chords.
  2. When pitches are in agreement, or consonance.

head voice

The upper register of the voice.


A heroic tenor with a strong, robust voice.


A half step.


The simultaneous performance of two slightly different versions of the same melody.


Music in which one voice has the melody with a chordal accompaniment.


A song or poem that praises.